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List of products by manufacturer Avenue Mandarine

Avenue Mandarine: A brand that refreshes the classic games through the sober and clean cut for 2 years old children and older and their parents!
Stencils, creative boxes, Paint dolls... How to resist the call of  imagination?

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  • Decalco Mania - Avenue Mandarine

    Your child will love these awesome decalco mania from Avenue Mandarine to put anywhere: notebooks, greeting cards, albums ...Simply choose your favorite image, cut it out of the board and scratch it with a pencil so that it transfers to the chosen support.The child will also be able to create his own decor and then put the different characters and images...

    CAD $5.99
  • Friends to paint Huguette the cat - AVENUE...

    Discover the Friends to paint, adorable animals to paint and collect! With their fur backs, they are made to be cuddled! Contains:1 printed cotton animal 24 cm 1 brush 6 paint bottles 1 tube of glitter

    CAD $19.99
  • Glitter Felt-Tip Pens - Avenue Mandarine

    Make all your creations sparkle with Mandarin Avenue's Glitter Felt-Tip Pens! The 6 bright-colored markers will help you to make beautiful shiny drawings or to decorate your agenda nicely. Their locked mines limit pencil wear so they stay in good condition longer. Do not worry about the damage, the markers' ink is machine washable! Contains: 6 pencils...

    CAD $14.99
  • Graffy Bookmark Flowers - Avenue Mandarine

    Your children will have fun personalizing and coloring their new bookmarks as they wish! These pretty colorful bookmarks will make them want to discover the wonderful world of reading! Once colored, the bookmarks will be perfect to give as a gift to a lover of literature or to collect them! Contains 24 bookmarks of 12 '' x 2 ''

    CAD $9.99
  • Graffy Pop Masks Princesses and Other...

    Give way to creativity with the Avenue Mandarine Graffy Pop Masks Princesses and Other Characters! The sketch paper notebook contains 12 x 2 drawn and pre-cut masks. You will become a queen, a cat, a witch, a pirate and a host of other inspiring characters! Simply color or paint the masks to bring them to life! The most advanced craftspeople will be able...

    CAD $17.99
  • Little Couz'In Sewing Marcello the fox -...

    Avenue Mandarine, with its Little Couz'in Collection, offers a fun way to learn how to sew while creating a beautiful little character! Give young children the chance to discover or re-discover the pleasure of sewing. Content : pierced felt pieces, adhesive felt pieces, wadding, 1 plastic needle, 4 bobbins, ribbon Ages: 6 to 10+ Discover her friends...

    CAD $24.99
  • Lotto Family Portraits - Avenue Mandarine

    Lotto by Avenue Mandarine is an educational game where you need to reconstruct 4 families of 6 charaters. This game will stimulate your child's sense of observation and association.  Contains: 24 pieces 3.5 cm diameter, 4 lotto board 13,2 x 11 cm, instruction book in a box with a magnetic lid.  Ages: 2+ Box dimensions: 13,5 x 5 x 12 cm

    CAD $17.99
  • Memory Cats and Expressions- Avenue Mandarine

    Memory Cats by Avenue Mandarine is a game that will stimulate your child to learn forms, develop the memory, vocabulary and sense of association. Contains: 24 cats pieces 5,6 x 5,1 cm, instruction book. Ages: 2+ Box dimensions: 13,5 x 5 x 12 cm

    CAD $24.99
  • Planisphere Puzzle 76 pieces - Avenue...

    Discover the continents and countries with this planisphere puzzle! 76 pieces. Puzzle dimensions: 40 x 56 cm. Box dimensions: 27 x 5.5 x 18.5 cm. Included: 1 poster serving as a guide Age: 6+

    CAD $24.99
  • Princess Graffy Paint Paint Set - Avenue...

    Introduce your child to painting on canvas with Avenue Mandarine's Princess Graffy Paint Paint Set.Children with an artistic spirit will love the six little pots of brightly colored paint, perfect to complete beautifully the canvas.The fun princess drawing on the canvas will guide your child into making a work of art that he or she will be proud of.The...

    CAD $14.99
  • Puzzle 2 pieces The professions - AVENUE...

    In this funny little puzzle, the child must associate the worker with his trade. Practical, fun and colorful, our small educational boxes will accompany the little ones in their learning. Thanks to their small size and magnetic cover, they can be taken everywhere! Content: 12 puzzles of 2 pieces Contains 24 images

    CAD $19.99
  • Solar system Puzzle 76 pieces - Avenue...

    Travel in space and discover the planets! Puzzle of 76 pieces. On 2,25mm cardboard Included: 1 poster serving as a guide Age: 6+

    CAD $24.99
Showing 1 - 12 of 13 items