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  • The Bumgenius microfiber insert is made of 100% polyester suede, which allows your baby to stay dry.This insert is ideal for the night, it absorbs moisture very well.You can fold the extra length if the layer is used for a newborn baby or small one.Can also be used for other pocket cloth diapers.

    CAD $3.59 CAD $5.99 -40%
  • Koffie straws are made of 100% food grade silicone, and can be used for hot and cold beverages. Durable, environmentally friendly and easy to clean, they are a zero waste eco-friendly alternative to your usual coffee straw.In addition, drinking coffee with a straw allows you to keep a beautiful white smile longer! They are so easy to fold that you can...

    CAD $4.00 CAD $7.99 -50%
  • This holidays multi surface spray from Pure has everything to please! First, this ready-to-use cleaner is made from a biodegradable formula and natural ingredients. Its ingredients are gentle, toxic-free and most importantly, safe for home air and non-irritating to the respiratory tract. In addition, this cleaner shines windows, mirrors, wood, computer...

    CAD $4.49 CAD $5.99 -25%
  • A pretty floral case for your children to store their favorite pencils or any other accessory! 21 x 9 x 1 cm

    CAD $7.00 CAD $9.99
  • Discover the Danesco mesh bag, the ultimate bag for commissions! Made from 100% organic cotton, this reusable bag has plenty of space to carry fruits, vegetables and everything you pick up at the market. Total: 30 x 55 cm H (shoulder straps: 28 cm H, mesh bag: 30 x 27 cm H).

    CAD $7.79 CAD $12.99 -40%
  • Introducing the living foam from Foam Alive, a new compound that comes to life when you play with it! Compress it into any shape; a ball, a mountain or a square and it will slowly separate and start to flow like magic. It almost looks like there is something alive inside! Composed of sand and other natural ingredients, this product is perfect for hours of...

    CAD $7.79 CAD $12.99 -40%
  • This sensorial sand Stretchy Sand is unlike anything you've never seen or used before. It is solid like clay, fluid like sand, and stretchable like mud. You can knead it, create shapes with it or stretch it. It picks up easily and won't leave a mess. Be careful though, because once you touch Stretchy Sand, you won't be able to remove your hands from it!...

    CAD $7.79 CAD $12.99 -40%
  • Only available in store This unique nail polish by Maison Jacynthe is available in 10 beautiful colors is free of 9-10 of the most toxic ingredients usually found in nail polish. * 75.5%-80% of natural origin * enriched with organic silicon with fortifying and protective properties * certified cruelty-free by PETA, * gluten-free, nickel-free (to avoid...

    CAD $8.40 CAD $14.00 -40%
  • The “Dear Santa” Lantern’s goal is to create those magical moments with your child and to offer them the world’s greatest gift: your presence.Box contents: 1 flying lantern + 1 letter to write to Santa Claus BiodegradableWarning: If used properly, the “Dear Santa” Lantern can amaze, impress, and realise all the children’s dreams. Must be used and lit...

    CAD $10.00 CAD $12.99
  • With this brightly colored bath playbook, your little ones will have fun getting to know the different animals with wings, just like Anais the flamingo! The bath playbook is made of neoprene which makes it easier to dry after bath time. Its small size and flexible material will be ideal for the little hands of your children! The book handle can also be...

    CAD $10.00 CAD $14.99
  • Discover the Djeco Mistigriff card game, a game of pairs and tactics with monsters for children from 5 years old. Gather monsters, save the king and queen, dominate the dragon and you will be a valiant knight. A rather tactical pair game. Set of 36 cards to play from 2 to 5 players from 5 years old. Playing time: 15 minutes Dimensions: 11.7 x 8.5 x...

    CAD $10.39 CAD $12.99 -20%
  • Fill the funnel and watch the wheels turn! See what happens when water, sand and small stones are poured in. An essential during vacations! Age: 18+ Months

    CAD $11.99 CAD $14.99
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