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  • The Bumgenius microfiber insert is made of 100% polyester suede, which allows your baby to stay dry.This insert is ideal for the night, it absorbs moisture very well.You can fold the extra length if the layer is used for a newborn baby or small one.Can also be used for other pocket cloth diapers.

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  • Koffie straws are made of 100% food grade silicone, and can be used for hot and cold beverages. Durable, environmentally friendly and easy to clean, they are a zero waste eco-friendly alternative to your usual coffee straw.In addition, drinking coffee with a straw allows you to keep a beautiful white smile longer! They are so easy to fold that you can...

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  • Marilou, founder of Trois foir par jour, has designed a beautiful baby accessory collection with minimalist designs. The Petite Lou & Cie Headband is a comfortable and cute accessory that will make a nice addition to your child's wardrobe. You can also easily slide the bow around wherever you want it. The delicate and minimalist patterns of Petite...

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  • The Petite Lou & Co Pacifier Clip has a simple and classic look. Marilou, founder of Trois fois par jour, has designed a beautiful minimalist-looking baby accessory collection. It's delicate flower patterns and soft colors will go well with your baby's wardrobe. Petite Lou & Co's Pacifier Clips are hanmade by Quebec artisans. Machine wash your...

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  • Avenue Mandarine has created educational game boxes that contain four different games to amuse and stimulate your child for hours!Playful, educational and colorful, the Educ 'Avenue Farm Box contains four games to develop your child's skills.The memory game develops your child's memory with their lovely 7 cm wide flower shape pieces and his funny colorful...

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  • This nice accessory is the perfect gift: convenient for parents and fun for baby!Baby will also love to chew it, it will relieve its teething growth.The premium quality wood marbles are manufactured in Europe, with non-toxic lead-free paint, specially designed for toddlers.The clip pacifier is connected by a string of extremely durable polyester.Of...

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  • Those necklaces Avellana are made from genuine hazelwood and gemstones or amber. All Avellana necklaces are made in accordance with the Amerindian traditions and in harmony with our Mother Earth. It is vital for us that no chemical manure , weedkiller or other contaminant is used as it is often the case when wood comes from a plantation. The Avellana...

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  • Stimulate the curiosity and developp the creativity of your children with this Creative Box Tricotin of Avenue Mandarine! These boxes are filled with imaginative ideas explained to be understood easily! Save the box for storage after use by simply removing the sheath! Contains: -1 tricotin -3 balls -1 needle -1 leaflet Width: 16 cm Height: 23 cm Depth: 4 cm

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  • 8 to 99 years old 2 + players Awale is one of the oldest strategy games, originally played in Africa with a hollowed wood plank and some seeds or stones. The aim of the game is to be the player with the most seeds.  Djeco have reinvented the game with wit and playfulness. A dog replaces the wood plank while fleas represent the seeds! Aim of the game:...

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  • This unique genuine Baltic Amber from Avelanna baby necklace is hand polished with care to ensure the best comfort ever. Round Amber beads hand strung and knotted on a braided silk thread. This natural analgesic will calm your baby without resorting to drugs.

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  • Only available in french La Beauté, c'est un magnifique recueil. Beaucoup d'informations, de trucs, de rituels et de recettes, le tout dans un seul but: resplendir! Resplendir d'énergie, d'enthousiasme, de puissance, d'harmonie. Un livre complet qui rassemble la sagesse de Jacynthe René, oui, mais aussi du phramacien Jean-Yves Dionne, de Céline Arsenault,...

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  • Bellaband is a carefully constructed essential designed to hold up unbuttoned waistbands, loose maternity wear and garments that slip down around a late-pregnancy belly. It features a stay-put silicone strip for more hold and added length for extra coverage. The Bellaband facilitates the transition between your regular and maternity pants. You can also...

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Showing 1 - 12 of 15 items