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Board Games

Board games for adults and children! From Nature Challenges to Concept, including Kingdomino, When I dreamMonstruyeux and Time's up, there is certainly something for everyone. Come discuss, mime, guess, convince and win the game!

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  • Strategic game Animouv - Djeco

    Align the funny animals in the right order before the other players can stop you!Djeco's Animouv is a strategy game in which all movements must be thought out.Each player must move the animal chips in the game board's boxes following the rules of the traditional checkers game.The goal: to align the animals in the right way to win the card.But beware!...

    CAD $24.99
  • La chasse aux monstres - Le scorpion masqué

    Hunt the monsters under your bed with this fun cooperative memory game!By La Chasse aux Monstres, you have the opportunity to take revenge at the monsters that invade your nights.How? Simply by finding the right toy! But be careful, because too many errors can wake up more monsters. And if the monsters succeed to surround your bed, you will have to...

    CAD $29.99
  • Le grand jeu Défis Nature - Bioviva

    Seulement disponible en français Le grand jeu Défis Nature de Bioviva est un formidable jeu de société demandant rapidité et stratégie, où vous découvrirez des animaux parfois répandus, parfois menacés, mais toujours surprenants. Chacune de ses cartes "Défis Nature" comprend la photo de l'animal, sa longueur, son poids, sa longévité, et beaucoup d'autres...

    CAD $55.99
  • Touch and Find Bingo Game - Vilac

    Perfect your kid's motor skills while having fun with Vilac's Touch and Find Bingo Game!This tactile recognition game is an original alternative to traditional bingo games.Plunge your hand in the bucket to find the objects on your bingo card without using your eyes!The motorcycle, the strawberry, the whale, the star and many other wooden shapes will allow...

    CAD $39.99
  • Mikado - Djeco

    Djeco revisits the traditional game of Mikado!This game is a must for children from 5 years and help travaillerl their patience, dexterity and address!You'll have a great time with your family around this fun activity!   1 to 6 playersBox dimensions: 20 x 8 x 2 cm

    CAD $12.99
  • Snakes and Ladders - Djeco

    A madcap penguin race across the ice floe. The ladders will give you a boost towards the finish line, but mind you don't slip down the nets and get left behind! A classic game of snakes and ladders but with a Djeco twist! Box 42 x 16 x 3cmAge 5-10Players 2-4

    CAD $22.99
  • Time's Up! Family Green Version - Repos...

    Only available in French Time's Up! Family is a fun and exciting guessing game! To win, you'll need speed, intelligence and inspiration. You'll see yourself jumping on your chair to be the first to answer correctly! How do you play? A deck of cards, each with the name of an animal, object or trade, is given to the player who starts the round. The...

    CAD $39.99
  • Time's Up! Party - Repos Production

    Only available in French Time's Up! Party is a fun and exciting guessing game!To win, you will have to show speed, intelligence, and inspiration.You will jump on your chair to be the first to answer correctly!Laughs guaranteed.How to play?A pile of cards, each with the name of a personality, an animal, object or occupation, is given to the player who...

    CAD $39.99
  • Q-Bitz Solo - Orange Edition

    Use Q-bitz Solo as a solitaire challenge or to add another player, a new color and additional pattern cards to the original Q-bitz game. This personal-sized version of the best-selling game includes 20 new pattern cards, a wooden tray, 16 cubes and instructions, all packed in a travel-friendly tin box. From 8 years 

    CAD $14.99
  • Distavie - Placote

    Game only available in French Échangez avec votre famille et vos amis pour développer vos habiletés sociales tout en vous amusant! #Distavie permet aux adolescents et aux adolescentes de s’exprimer sur des sujets variés qui les concernent, comme leurs souvenirs d'enfance, leur avenir, la société et les relations humaines. Le jeu les amène ainsi à...

    CAD $29.99
  • La planète des émotions - Placote

    This game is written in French, but an English-speaking child would be able to play it Show the aliens how to understand human emotions! You'll have to help them leave their planet to get to Earth and feel their very first emotion. Throw the dice to move on the board, pick cards, and guess what emotion the character is feeling. La planète des émotions is...

    CAD $44.99
  • Zombie Kidz - Scorpion Masqué

    Zombies have attacked your school! Gather your friends around this cooperative game and develop together the best strategy to scare away the bad creatures!The more you play, the more the game changes! Complete the special missions and validate your progression with stickers! Open mystery envelopes that will add to the game! Give your heroes new powers!...

    CAD $34.99
Showing 1 - 12 of 49 items