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Board Games

Board games for adults and children! From Nature Challenges to Concept, including Kingdomino, When I dreamMonstruyeux and Time's up, there is certainly something for everyone. Come discuss, mime, guess, convince and win the game!

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  • Pleasure guaranteed with this hilarious game that personalized itself to each player.Each turn, you have to make another player guess a word.To do this, you can use different ways with varying difficulty level ... But the harder it is, the more points it is worth!There is drawing for 10 points, modeling clay for 30 points, mimicking for 50 points, humming...

    CAD $27.99
  • Use your minutia and your best strategies to win Blue Orange's Baobab Balance Game! The goal of the game is to put your cards on the base of the baobab without bowling over the pile of cards that is already there! Each turn, players choose two or three of their cards to put on the baobab trunk. The hard part: depending on the animal on it, the cards...

    CAD $19.99
  • Jump, imitate and laugh to win the Bioviva Gym Animo Preschool Game! The goal of the game is to be the first player to cross the finish line. To do so, succeed at the challenges and postures to advance in the boxes faster than the other players! You will have to jump like a kangaroo, imitate the butterfly or walk like an elephant. This is the perfect game...

    CAD $42.99
  • Have fun with the game Ring it of Blue Orange!A game of speed, attention and visual perception: ideal to animate evenings with friends or family!Return your cards incessantly until a combo is found. You must tap your hands and press the doorbell!A hesitation could cost you the victory, but acting too fast could make you make a mistake and earn a...

    CAD $22.99
  • Align the funny animals in the right order before the other players can stop you!Djeco's Animouv is a strategy game in which all movements must be thought out.Each player must move the animal chips in the game board's boxes following the rules of the traditional checkers game.The goal: to align the animals in the right way to win the card.But beware!...

    CAD $24.99
  • Use strategy to develop the most prestigious Kingdom in this revisited domino game!In Kingdomino by Blue Orange, you play as a lord seeking land to expand his Kingdom.Your Kingdom will bring you prestige by its vast surface and by the value of the buildings on it.Each turn, place your token on the domino that you covet and expand your Kingdom with it.But...

    CAD $25.99
  • Use your dexterity and concentration to win Wiggles 3D's Bellz! Magnetic Game!The goal of this fun game is to collect all the bells of our color without picking up the ones of another color.The magnetic magic wand allows you to collect several bells that form a magnetic chain.The first player to collect his or her 10 bells becomes the winner of the Bellz!...

    CAD $26.99
  • Game only available in French Plongez dans l'univers merveilleux des rêves avec le jeu de table When I Dream de Repos Production! Votre but sera de deviner les mots inventifs des cartes à jouer sans vous faire entourlouper par le Croque-Mitaines. Chacun leur tour, les joueurs mettent le cache-yeux et tombent dans l'univers du rêve et de l'imagination....

    CAD $56.99
  • Hunt the monsters under your bed with this fun cooperative memory game!By La Chasse aux Monstres, you have the opportunity to take revenge at the monsters that invade your nights.How? Simply by finding the right toy! But be careful, because too many errors can wake up more monsters. And if the monsters succeed to surround your bed, you will have to...

    CAD $29.99
  • Seulement disponible en français Le grand jeu Défis Nature de Bioviva est un formidable jeu de société demandant rapidité et stratégie, où vous découvrirez des animaux parfois répandus, parfois menacés, mais toujours surprenants. Chacune de ses cartes "Défis Nature" comprend la photo de l'animal, sa longueur, son poids, sa longévité, et beaucoup d'autres...

    CAD $52.99
  • Perfect your kid's motor skills while having fun with Vilac's Touch and Find Bingo Game!This tactile recognition game is an original alternative to traditional bingo games.Plunge your hand in the bucket to find the objects on your bingo card without using your eyes!The motorcycle, the strawberry, the whale, the star and many other wooden shapes will allow...

    CAD $37.99
  • Djeco revisits the traditional game of Mikado!This game is a must for children from 5 years and help travaillerl their patience, dexterity and address!You'll have a great time with your family around this fun activity!   1 to 6 playersBox dimensions: 20 x 8 x 2 cm

    CAD $12.99
Showing 1 - 12 of 63 items