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  • The Bumgenius microfiber insert is made of 100% polyester suede, which allows your baby to stay dry.This insert is ideal for the night, it absorbs moisture very well.You can fold the extra length if the layer is used for a newborn baby or small one.Can also be used for other pocket cloth diapers.

    CAD $3.59 CAD $5.99 -40%
  • Celebrate being an happy mother with this mint cream, that will give back vitality and energy to your otherwise heavy and tired legs.The Natural Cream for Tired Legs Blooming Belly of Attitude regenerates and nourishes deeply.Argan extract gently caress, while the mint allows better breathing of the skin.Its ingredients are natural and contain no...

    CAD $24.99
  • Celebrate being an happy mom with this natural bubble bath containing Argan extract, with neutral pH.The Bubble Bath Blooming Belly of Attitude is especially designed for the delicate of a pregnant mom, for a pleasant bath time. Immerse your beautiful belly into a hot bath with silky and dense foam and a relaxing scent of apple blossom. Its ingredients...

    CAD $13.99
  • These bags are perfect to collect, store and freeze breastmilk.Pre-sterilized and double-walled bags for pumpingConvenient, easy pumping directly into bagIntegrated slef-stick strap

    CAD $9.99
  • A great diaper cover by Omaiki that can be used from birth until toilet training : this is an economic solution to get the best use of the night time cloth diapers, or any fitted diaper. Made from water proof PUL, it is ideal for fitted diapers, such as sleep diaper. From 8 to 35 lbs Made in Quebec

    CAD $22.99
  • Keeping the feet of young children in their socks is not an easy thing. A little kick, a flick of the toes and socks are gone. The Sock ons are clever little things that keep socks in place. They are also warm so little babies and kids are always comfortable. The Sock ons are an ingenious solution to a baby problem. Sock Ons are made from a mix of gently...

    CAD $8.99
  • The Petit Pehr sleeping bag will help baby find sleep with its 100% cotton softness. Completely safe, and designed for the comfort of your baby you will also sleep on both ears. It has 2.5 TOG which can be suitable for a temperature from 16 to 21 degrees, perfect for a chilly winter or low temperatures in autumn and spring. You can also use a lighter...

    CAD $67.99
  • This soft and super absorbent poncho from OKO makes drying a squirmy child a breeze! Undyed, unbleached and hypoallergenic, this is the ideal hooded bathrobe as soon as baby can walk! • One size: 18 to 36 months • Made in Canada • Composition: 100% GOTS certified organic terry cotton• Packaging: 100% FSC certified pape

    CAD $49.99
  • Celebrate your new beautiful belly with this natural oil almonds and argan that will give you a new skin!The Stretch Oil Blooming Belly of Attitude regenerates and nourishes, for results that will exceed your expectations.Its ingredients are natural and contain no carcinogens or toxins.Its hypoallergenic quality makes it ideal for all mothers with...

    CAD $19.99
  • This body butter Souris Verte suitable for the delicate skin of babies and moisturizes.It is also suitable for the skin of mothers during pregnancy, or breast-feeding, it will maintain the elasticity of the skin, put to the test during these demanding.It can also be a basic care tell stretch marks, prevention or treatment.In children, body butter can...

    CAD $19.99
  • These bags are perfect to collect, store and freeze breastmilk. Pre-sterilized and double-walled bags for pumping Convenient, easy pumping directly into bag Integrated slef-stick strap Easy zipper closure and no-spill stand-up bottom Safe and hygiene storage at home or in hospitals BPA Free 50 bags Medela

    CAD $17.99
  • A pocket cloth diaper consists in a pocket with a waterproof outside and an interior that will keep baby's bum dry. It is sold with an absorbent insert that slips inside the pocket, making it the most versatile diapering system possible.- Pocket diapers typically dry more quickly and wash more thoroughly than an all-in-one diaper.- Once the insert has...

    CAD $31.99
Showing 1 - 12 of 315 items