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La Looma


Our bulk station has over 50 different products from various brands made in quebec: BionaturePure-Total Fabrication, Osmose, Oneka, Amarille, Druide, les produits de Maya. Household products, body products: you can buy everything in bulk... You can bring your own containers or we have some at the store. The most important ? Bring them back each time and reduce waste ! Visit us in our shop of Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, less than 30mn away from Montréal.


Why buy in bulk ?

Recycle waste is good... Reduce them is even better.

Respect the environment by using less plastic

Save money and be zero waste !



List of our products in bulk

Proudly made in Québec, all of our products are non-toxic, biodegradable and non-carcinogenic. The following brands are available Bionature, Pure - Total Fabrication, Amarille, Oneka, Druide, les produits de Maya , BKIND and Osmose. For more information on our bulk section, please contact us at [email protected]  

ProductsAvailable fragrances / Composition
Laundry detergentFleur d’amandier, Prêle des champs, Tilleul, Mandarine, Fruits des Champs, Thé des bois, Lavande, Agrumes, Floral, Neutre, Bergamote
Fabric softenerAgrumes, Floral, Lavande, Agrumes, Fleur d’amandier
Dish washing soapFleur d’amandier, Mangue, Agrumes, Lavande, Thé des bois
Multi Usages Concentré 
Bathroom cleaner 
Floor cleaner 
Window CleanerVinaigre 12%, Percarbonate de Sodium
Body product 3 in 1 (handsoap, shampoo, body shower gel)Fleur d’amandier, Ananas Citron, Agrumes, Lavande, Fruité, Amande Coco, Neutre - Also Druide
Bubble bath soapFleur d’amandier, Lavande
ShampooAloes, pamplemousse rose, Orange sanguine, Lavande, Agrumes - and ONEKA
ConditionnerAloes, pamplemousse rose, Orange sanguine, Lavande - and ONEKA
Windshield washer fluid 


Also available in bulk: Percarbonate de Sodium, Sel d'epsom, Liniment Oléo Calcaire, dentifrice naturel et sans fluor, lotion hydratante, Borax, Kombucha