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La Looma

Bath Toys

By using bath bombs, waterproof card gamesfloating boats or little ducks, bath time will certainly be appreciated!

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  • Ladybug Bath Mitten - Blooming Baby

    Blooming Baby's bath mittens are practical, fun and very pretty! Incredibly soft and gentle enough to clean baby's sensitive skin, this bath item will become part of your baby's bath routine. Made of plush polyester fabric, simply squeeze out excess water and place in the dryer for 10-15 minutes, or air dry. Plus, this bath mitt can be reused for many...

    CAD $10.39 CAD $12.99 -20%
  • COGS bath toys - La Looma

    Gears + oil = a mess. Gears + water = hours of bath time fun. The Boon cogs suction to the bath walls and spin when water is poured over them. Positioned just right, they work like a fine-tuned machine. Includes 5 unique gears Can be used with Boon PIPES for even more fun! Recommended age: 12m+ Made without BPA and Phthalates 

    CAD $17.99
  • BLOBBLES Bubble Wands - Boon

    BUBBLE BUBBLE, FUN ON THE DOUBLE!Blobbles from Boon or how to create the perfect Bubbly bath!Create loads of fantastic bubbles by blowing or stirring up suds in the tub. The set includes three uniquely shaped bubble wands in fun colors that’ll be sure to create a splash during bath time. From 18 months old Made without BPA or PVCThe only...

    CAD $17.99
  • Bath toys Jellies - Boon

    A bath toy that sticks and sucks everywhere! Boon's Jellies jellyfish toys with suction cups that you can stick on the walls, on the bath and on one another. Try to stick a colorful jellyfish on your forehead! Align them, stack them or build fun shapes or structures; this bath toy by Boon will make bath time more fun. Boon's Jellies are made of BPA-free...

    CAD $19.99
  • Rock Pool Squirters - Hape

    Turn bath time into an ocean of fun with these crab and blowfish squirters! Simply submerge them in water to fill them up and press them down to shoot out jets of water. You can even attach them to the side of the tub with the suction cups for even more fun! Plus, the watering cans have a removable part for easy cleaning Recommended age : 12 months and up

    CAD $22.99
  • Bath Cascade - Hape

    Turn your bath walls into an ocean of pleasure with these sea animal cascades! Attach the pieces to your bath walls using the suction cups and use the pitcher to pour water onto the animals and water slides. Running water makes the sea animals dance and spin! Each day you'll be able to create a new course to find new ways the water can fall. Age: 2 years...

    CAD $49.99
  • Happy Buckets Set - Hape

    These three colorful buckets feature different water drainage systems to maximize the fun you'll have! Fill up the buckets with water or bubbles, or carry your bathtime friends around in the palls. The first bucket has small holes at its bottom to provide you with a gentle rain when you fill it up. The second one contains a mill, so that the water makes...

    CAD $27.99
  • Fishing Ducks - Djeco

    The game fishing ducks is a fun game for your kids! Which of the ducks will you catch first? The Indian, the sailor, the king or the champion of diving, which of them will you have the chance to fish? The game includes: 6 ducks and two fishing rod. BPA Free

    CAD $37.99
  • Troopo Farm Figurines - Djeco

    Discover the Troopo farm animal figurines from Djeco! This tube includes 7 soft and colorful farm animals including a chicken, a pig, a rabbit, and a cow. This wonderful early learning game will allow your child to learn the colors and different names of the animals, while telling funny stories! Plus, your little ones can chew on them safely and take them...

    CAD $19.99
  • Bataplouf ! - Card Game - Djeco

    Discover Djeco's Bataplouf!, a battle game to play in the bath for splashing fun! Before starting the game, you will need to distribute the cards in two equal decks and disperse the 5 fish-shaped cards in the water. The game is set like a traditional battle game: the two children unveil the first card of their deck at the same time and the one with the...

    CAD $19.99
  • Bath explorers map - Janod

    With the explorers map, your children will travel the world in a fun the bath! They will discover the different pieces of the puzzle and will associate them to form continents and countries! They will only have to soak the pieces in the bath (no problem, they float!), and then affix them to the wall of the bath. Your young ones will travel the 4...

    CAD $27.99
  • Bath Memory - Janod

    Your kids will love this bath memory game by Janod! Throw the 24 foam cards into the tub and they will float on the water. The cards even hold onto the earthenware when wet. In this way, the memo game is made easier! A fun bath game that will develop your children's memory and dexterity, while making bath time more fun! 2 to 6 years old

    CAD $19.99
Showing 1 - 12 of 49 items