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Find all the ingredients you need to make your own cosmetics or cleaning products!

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  • Sodium Bicarbonate - Osmose

    Sodium Bicarbonate is an all-purpose powder that is essential for cleaning the entire house! Food grade baking soda is safe for the environment and humans. Gentle and natural, it is perfect for cleaning your pots and pans, gently deodorizing the air and removing bad odors from fabrics.To shine your glasses and silverware, sprinkle baking soda on a damp...

    CAD $9.99
  • Borax - Osmose

    Discover Borax, a naturally formed mineral salt that acts as an all-purpose product in your home! It is a combination of boric acid and soda ash with multiple properties. Use borax to sanitize, disinfect, soften water, bleach or remove stains from clothes! Safe for the environment and for septic tanks, Borax is gentle on your clothes and on your skin...

    CAD $9.99
  • Sodium Carbonate (Soda Ash) - Osmose

    Soda Ash, also known as sodium carbonate, soften water and reinforce the effectiveness of household or body care products. You can use soda ash for its descaling, anti-limescale, cleaning, stain and grease removal properties in all sorts of ways. To thoroughly clean cloth diapers, mix 20 liters of hot water with 250ml of soda crystals and a few drops of...

    CAD $7.99
  • Citric Acid - Osmose

    If there was only one ingredient to have for all your DIY projects, it would be citric acid! Derived from lemon, citric acid is a base for creating a multitude of eco-friendly cleaning product recipes at home. This natural biodegradable product is not toxic to humans or the environment. If it is first used for its descaling power (thermos, coffee maker,...

    CAD $19.99
  • Sweet Almond Oil 473 ml - Aura Cacia

    This rich and nourishing oil is ideal for massage and as a hair conditioner, giving you back the shine of a happily healthy body.The sweet almond oil is the wellness ally of your dreams.The vitamin A improves the elasticity of the skin; the vitamin E active cellular repair.It also contains vitamins B and D, omega 6 and 9, minerals, proteins, iron, zinc...

    CAD $32.99
  • Apricot Kernel Oil 118 ml - Aura Cacia

    Apricot kernel oil by Aura Cacia is high in skin-nourishing essential fatty acids. Its light, smooth properties restore skin vitality in massage. The oil is expressed from the seed kernels of ripe apricots. No Animal TestingParaben Free 118 ml

    CAD $9.99
  • Jojoba Oil 118 ml- Aura Cacia

    Jojoba oil is a remarkable skin care oil that is known for its anti-aging properties and its affinity with oily skin.It contains unique liquid waxes and fatty acids that nourish the skin.Jojoba oil strengthens the hydrolipidic film of skin and hair by providing essential lipids, which protects the moisture barrier of the skin.It is one of the few vegetal...

    CAD $29.99
  • Hemp Seed Oil 118 ml - Aura Cacia

    Aura Cacia hemp seed oil is a wonderful skin care oil with universal appeal. One of the most nutritionally balanced sources of fat, hemp seed oil is a powerful single-ingredient skin care oil. Cold pressed from the seeds of organic hemp plants. Hemp absorbs easily into the skin and is compatable with almost all skin types, making it an oil most users can...

    CAD $14.99
  • Castor Oil 118 ml - Aura Cacia

    Aura cacia Castor oil is a strong cleansing oil that’s especially effective in targeted skincare, hair care, and scalp care applications. It is known for preserving moisture while its fatty acids leave the skin feeling nourished. No Animal TestingPure Botanical IngredientsOrganic 118 mL

    CAD $9.99
  • Virgin, Organic, Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil...

    Use coconut oil for skin and hair care, for making homemade care products and for cooking! This do-it-all vegetable oil is known for its hydrating, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, smoothing and healing properties. Cold pressed Virgin Organic Sold in a Mason jar Quantity: 900 mL Discover also the coconut oil sold in 900 mL Mason jars.

    CAD $19.99
  • Moringa Oil - Idoine

    Moringa oil, the miraculous oil and main ingredient of Idoine Organic cosmetics, is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins C, B, and A, calcium, potassium, and proteins. It penetrates quickly and is suitable for all skin types. Moringa oil can help sensitive skin, as it reduces itching and dryness. It moisturizes, soothes, and softens the skin. Adapted...

    CAD $32.99
  • Organic Cosmetic Argan Oil 100ml - Zorah

    Pure argan oil is considered miraculous for mature skin, damaged body or face ... Worked by women's cooperatives in Morocco with whom Zorah collaborates closely for 15 years. Certifications: Fair trade, Eco-certified organic, Eco-certified ecological, Animal-friendly, Recyclable material, Gluten-free, Vegan 100ml

    CAD $64.99
Showing 1 - 12 of 41 items