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  • Ballerina puzzle 36 pieces - Djeco

    Your child will love to create, piece by piece, this marvelously theatrical scene featuring a ballerina dancing with a flower. The pink color, multiplied, will wonderfully shine the eyes of your child! Pink for creativity and fantasy! Presented in an original ballerina shaped box, this Djeco puzzle is also perfect as a gift. 3 to 5 years 36 pieces Size...

    CAD $24.99
  • The fairy castle Puzzle 54 pieces - Djeco

    Your child will love to create, piece by piece, this wonderful scene detailing the beautiful life in a fairy castle.This design from Djeco will shine brightly colored wonder the eyes of your child. Imagination is key! Presented in an original castle shaped box, this Djeco puzzle is also perfect as a gift.4 to 6 years54 pieces Size of the piece: 7 cm X 6cm...

    CAD $24.99
  • Dressup-Mix Puzzles - Djeco

    Provide hours of fun to your child with Djeco's Dressup-Mix Puzzles!This game contains 6 puzzles of 3 pieces to assemble to form colorful and fun cubs.He or she can put the pieces together to form the astronaut, the pirate, the ballerina, the knight, the doctor and the Native American, or mix all the pieces to create unique and goofy cubs.The 18 pieces of...

    CAD $24.99
  • Coggy - Fat Brain Toy

    The Coggy game of Fat Brain Toy present you with increasingly difficult challenges, up to the 4th level of difficulty, making your neurons work hard!Rotate and zigzag the connections between the 16 gears in order to reproduce the image on the Challenge card, for a tactile and cognitive experience at the same time.The chain of gears measures 14 inches in...

    CAD $22.99
  • Silhouette Puzzle Leo the Panda 24 pieces...

    You will love the puzzle silhouette Djeco for its pretty colorful scenes! Discover Leo the panda and his mother resting in the shade of the bamboos...A superb 24-piece puzzle in a panda-shaped box. Decorative shaped box for the child’s bedroom. Large, easy-to-hold pieces. A thick cardboard puzzle that can be done and redone.Age: 3 yearsNumber of...

    CAD $24.99
  • Tiny Puzzle The Fire Truck 16 pieces - Djeco

    Your child will love discovering, piece by piece, this heroic scene highlighting the role of firefighters during a fire.The puzzle Djeco The Fire Truck encourages imagination and logic of your child!Presented in an original fire truck shaped box, pretty to look at and convenient to store. You will love the puzzle silhouette Djeco for its pretty colorful...

    CAD $15.99
  • Tiny Puzzle Ice Cream Truck 16 pieces - Djeco

    Your child will love to discover, piece by piece, this lovely scene of summer happiness, where friends meet to enjoy ice-cream. Ice Cream Truck Puzzle by Djeco encourages your child's imagination and logic!Presented in an original ice-cream stand shaped box, pretty to look at and convenient to store.You will love the silhouette puzzle of Djeco for its...

    CAD $15.99
  • In the Forest Primo Puzzle - Djeco

    Discover the wonderful universe of forest animals with evolving puzzles by DjecoThe box contains three puzzles with different numbers of pieces to follow your child's improvement:- A nine-piece squirrel- A twelve-piece owl- A sixteen-piece bearAge: from 3 years old

    CAD $17.99
  • Puzzle Duo Mommy and Baby - Djeco

    The educative puzzle duo mommy and baby from Djeco is an association game who contains 10 puzzles with 2 pieces each. This educative game help kids understand abstracts concepts by illustrating them in a puzzle. A lot of fun and questions will follow ! Each puzzle pieces are : 2.5x2.5 inches

    CAD $14.99
  • Giant Puzzle World Map - Janod - 300 pcs

    A 300-piece giant puzzle representing the world with different colours for each continent. An efficient and playful method to learn the world map and specialties of each country. Poster included. Pack : a lovely round suitcase, easy to carry thanks to its fabric handle. Puzzle : 99 x 69 cm (39 x 27.2 in). from 6 to 9 years old

    CAD $29.99
  • Puzzle 200 pieces Discover the dinosaurs...

    200 pieces micropuzzle by Londji. Look through the blue magnifying glass and travel to the Jurassic with Londji. You will discover impressive Tiranosaurus rex, diplodocus and spniosaurus walking in the middle of volcanoes. Now take the red magnifying glass and you will see how the fosilized bones of these giants have become part of the natural science...

    CAD $39.99
  • Puzzle 350 pieces My Unicorn - Londji

    350 pieces puzzle by Londji. Illustrated by Sonja Wimmer. Suited to ages 6+ Dimensions: 80 x 32 cm Made using recycled cardboard and paper.

    CAD $39.99
Showing 1 - 12 of 55 items