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Zero-Waste Alternatives

Embrace a zero-waste lifestyle with ease and pleasure!

All our products are reusable, durable and easy to use whether at home, on vacation, for your DIY projects or personal hygiene...

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  • A reusable bag with rustic charm, made from 100% unbleached natural cotton, that facilitate bread conservation.The reusable bread bag of Dans le sac offers an alternative to plastic bags from the bakery.The Loaf size is ideal for all sorts of short breads. But you can use it for all kind of foods (vegetables, even flowers !)It includes a long cotton tab...

    CAD $16.99
  • Discover the eco-friendly Q-Tip that will help you create a zero waste bathroom!This ingenious accessory from China and Japan can be used for adults and children.Use the bamboo tip to remove the visible cereulus at the entrance of your ear once or twice a week.However, do not go further!Earwax protects the eardrum and preserves its strength: keep it when...

    CAD $9.99
  • Discover a healthy alternative to traditional feminine hygiene products. The DivaCup is a sensational innovation in feminine hygene protection. It's comfortable, discrete and easy to use. The DivaCup is a menstrual cup that is worn inside the vagina and collects menstrual blood rather then absorb it, which reduces the risk of toxic shock syndrom.

    CAD $39.99
  • Make candles, lip balms, soaps or ointments with beeswax! The emollient virtues of beeswax make it perfect to bind the different ingredients of any beauty product recipe. Melt it in a double boiler and add it to your creams to thicken them. Its honey smell will add a sweet scent to your handmade products. Beeswax acts as a protective, moisturizing and...

    CAD $7.99
  • A reusable bag with rustic charm, made from 100% unbleached natural cotton, that facilitate bread conservation.The reusable bread bag of Dans le sac offers an alternative to plastic bags from the bakery.The baguette format is ideal to go get fresh baguettes from the local bakery or market. It can even be used for flowers!It includes a long cotton tab to...

    CAD $17.99
  • Go green with Saksac's fruit and vegetable mesh bags!Replace the small plastic bags offered at the grocery store in the fruit and vegetable aisle with reusable and durable hand-made and Quebec-made bagsThey are the perfect accessory for grocery shopping in a greener way: they are lightweight, machine-washable and dishwasher safe!The transparency of the...

    CAD $29.99
  • Set of 2 washable all-silicone swab. This zero waste alternative, which replaces the traditional cotton swab, is perfectly washable and reusable! 1 version for cleaning your ears and the other to provide touch-ups on your makeup. Offering a more pleasant and healthy feeling than ordinary Q-tips, since no cotton residue will remain in the ear canal. This...

    CAD $12.99
  • Be prepared for all eventualities with this set of cloth pads, an ecological and healthy alternative!For your health and the environment's, say "no" to disposable pads, who are known to be harmful to the human body.Reusable pads of Oko Creations are even equiped with wings that can be cliped to your underwear with a simple snap. What comprises this...

    CAD $204.99
  • Ola Bamboo is the plant-made toothbrush you need! Ola Bamboo has created a high quality curved easy-to-grasp handle made entirely of bamboo. Discover Also OLA Bamboo's bamboo toothbrush for adults!Bamboo is the main material you will find in the manufacture of the OLA Bamboo toothbrush. This material is both 100% natural and 100% compostable. It...

    CAD $4.99
  • Revolutionnary Patch Natural adhesive bandages are natural, biodegradable, hypoallergenic et breatheable ! An ideal  zero-waste  solution to millions of single-used plastic bandages thrown away!  PATCH NATURAL is the perfect adhesive strip for those who like to keep it simple and subtle. The ideal wound covering to help repair minor cuts and abrasions....

    CAD $12.99
  • Make an environmentally friendly gesture on the daily by choosing Dental Lace Biodegradable Dental Floss Refills! These floss rolls made of mulberry silk decompose entirely in the compost. Their minty taste will leave you with a fresh breath. The silk is covered with wax so that it slides more easily between your teeth. Place them in your Dental Lace...

    CAD $12.99
  • The Oko reusable pads creation are a perfect alternative to normal disposable pads. They are made of 55% cotton and 43% hemp. The Oko pads are thin and really comfortable and garante you a total absorbtion. Thanks to their composition in hermp, organic cotton and absorbent polyurethane they are completely waterproof. This set includes:- 2 long Sanitary...

    CAD $99.99
Showing 1 - 12 of 239 items