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  • Demonstrator, good condition, corners of the box slightly damaged "Bahuts Malins" is first a toy . . . then a game. These funny wooden vehicles will lead to long hours of observation and manipulation. Children will first play with the trucks loading them up and emptying them. They will then start with the challenges, going from starter to master....

    CAD $44.99
  • Day & Night from Smart Games is a fun-filled game of logic that evolves with your child's habilities. This Smart Games offers 48 different challenges from starter to master. Contains: 1 wooden base, 10 colorful wooden pieces, one booklets with 48 challenges and their solutions. For one player from 2 years old and more

    CAD $44.99
  • Bunny Peek a Boo is a 3D puzzle for young children that features four big, high quality wooden blocks. With Bunny Peek a Boo children attempt to put the Bunny and blocks together in order to match one of 60 challenges included! Is the rabbit looking through the round hole or through the star-shaped one? Is it standing on top of the yellow, the red or...

    CAD $44.99
  • Where's the frog? It's in the house. Where's the bird? It's on top of the rock. Give the position of the five animals while respecting the five elements in the scene. This is a fun and very educational game that teaches kids about spatial relationships and they will love to start a new game again and again because it is challenging. It Includes 1...

    CAD $27.99
  • Enter the fairy tales world with the lone puzzle game Three Little Pigs of Smart Game!You will help the three little pigs build their houses, play outside without getting eaten and protect them when they are in danger because of the wolf.This educational game will help your child's development in terms of fine motor skills, concentration, logical...

    CAD $41.99
  • The Coggy game of Fat Brain Toy present you with increasingly difficult challenges, up to the 4th level of difficulty, making your neurons work hard!Rotate and zigzag the connections between the 16 gears in order to reproduce the image on the Challenge card, for a tactile and cognitive experience at the same time.The chain of gears measures 14 inches in...

    CAD $22.99
  • Perplexus Original is a spheric 3D puzzle, an obstacle course on a roll. 360 degrees of orbital track filled with mind bending turns, brain-thrilling twists and jaw-dropping stunts that will challenge you, inspire you and have you wondering how can something so easy to pick up can be so hard to put down! The Infernal Spiral, Ramp of Peril and Lever will...

    CAD $31.99
  • Perplexus Rookie introduces you to the world of Perplexus and a whole new realm of perplexity! Perplexus Rookie will hone your skills and sharpen your senses as you learn to bend, twist and turn your way around the gravity defying barriers. 70 challenges Once you try it, you won’t want to put it down! Age: 6 years old + 3 different models available...

    CAD $29.99
  • Only available in french! The game Concept, of Repos Production: a great source of fun with family, friends or at a party!You are sick of most card games, and you already played your own board games TOO much? You are running out of ideas for group games? Concept is for you! This set of visual and creativechallenges will be like by the least players...

    CAD $49.99
  • Do you like marbles, puzzles and labyrinths? This game is for you!Gravity Maze by Thinkfun is a unique game of logic and visual perception challenges, where you have to build a maze with cubes, where a marble will pass through it, the gravity pushing it to its target.At each round, you are composing with a new challenge card that sets certain conditions...

    CAD $41.99
  • Djeco Mini Logix games are small educational games, easy to take anywhere, on the road, in the restaurant, at the grandparents'...Find a strategy to place your boats in a way that makes them invisible, then try to spot your opponent's!Mini Logix Battleship provides the opportunity to play this great classic everywhere you go!30 game sheets, 1 pencil...

    CAD $9.99
  • Djeco Mini Logix games are small educational games, easy to take anywhere, on the road, in the restaurant, at the grandparents' ...Complete the grids with numbers from 1 to 9, thus practicing patience and logical spirit.30 different game sheets, 1 pencil includedFor 6 to 10 year old

    CAD $9.99
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