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Champion Zero Waste Alternative, discover our reusable and washable cloth diapers and useful cleaning products and accessories!

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  • Disinfectant and sainitizer 1L - Omaiki

    The Omaiki sanitizer and disinfectant is perfect for cleaning surfaces, clothing and cloth diapers. It is safe for the environment and for delicate skin*. PH neutral product. Ingredients: water, benzalkonium chloride 10 % *Discontinue use if rash or rash-like irritation appears after this product has been Made in Quebec

    CAD $14.99
  • Swim Cloth Diaper H2O- Omaiki

    At last, a perfect bathing suit for babies in an adorable style. They combine the look and the reliability of the Omaïki H2O bathing suits with the added protection of an interior lining which helps to prevent little accidents in the swimming pool. Bathing suits come with side snap buttons, which make it easy to remove the bathing suits without mess. One...

    CAD $25.99
  • Desinfecting and Deodorizing Powder - Osmose

    Discover the Borax, a naturally formed mineral salt that acts as an all-purpose household product! It is a combination of boric acid and soda with multiple properties. Use it to treat, disinfect, soften water, whiten clothes or remove stains! Safe for the environment and septic tanks, Borax is gentle on your clothes and your skin. It can become the...

    CAD $7.99
  • New Born cloth diaper - La Petite Ourse

    This “all-in-1” baby cloth diapers will appeal to your little one. These cloth diapers are designed for babies weighing from 5lb to 10lb. They have side snaps for maximum adjustment and at the belly button for a better fit. **ATTENTION :  white, cats and mauve designs are in size 5-10 lbs and the other designs are in 7-15 lbs***  Inner lining: made of...

    CAD $15.99
  • Laundry 2L for Cloth Diapers - Omaiki

    The Omaiki laundry has been specially developped to care for your Omaiki cloth diapers. This neutral detergent has no parfume and is gentle enough to be in contact with your baby's skin. The right laundry can help prevents most common odor problems of cloth diapers. *The soap is include in the Omaiki kit

    CAD $17.99
  • Laundry Soap 946 ml- Allens Naturally

    This laundry soap Allens Naturally is biodegradable and does not contain phosphates, perfumes or dye. Great to wash cloth diapers. Also perfect for front loading washer, certified HE (high efficiency) This laundry soap is also recommended by most of the cloth diapers manufacturers, like Bumgenius or AMP. Contains: 946 ml

    CAD $24.99
  • Diaper Pail Deodorizer - Ever bamboo

    With its manufacturing 100% bamboo charcoal odorless, diaper pail deodorizer is very efficient and absorbs all odors from soiled diapers.Place the bag in the trash can in the background if you use a trash bag or attach it to the lid.Each bag used can last a year or more.For optimum performance, put it in the sun 2 or 3 hours per side once a month or...

    CAD $7.99
  • Double Waterproof Bag - Colibri

    Great for parents on the go! It is an innovative wet bag that allows you to carry your wet and dry items together in the same bag. Each bag contains a "wet" section that is sewn and sealed for no wicking or leaking AND a zippered dry section along with a clever snap handle for easy carrying. These wet bags have hundreds of  uses when it's not being used...

    CAD $25.99
  • Discovery Pack of 24 Pocket Cloth Diapers

    You want to equip yourself with cloth diapers, but you do not know with what brands, but you know you want a pocket cloth diaper, so the most economical model with ability to better modulate the absorption? Then this set is for you! A discovery of 24 pocket diapers one size fits all 8-35 lbs The set contains: 6 Bic Biquette 6 Bumgenius 4.0 3 AMP duo...

    CAD $574.99
  • Discovery Pack of 24 All in One Cloth Diapers

    You want to equip yourself cloth diapers, but you do not know with what brands, but you know you want a model All-in-one, so the easiest and fastest model to use? Then this set is for you!The discovery pack contains:6 Bic and biquette All in one 6 Bumgenius Freetime 6 Omaiki TEO (all in one) 6 Mini Kiwi all in one 1 pack of 100 liners 1 wet bag 1...

    CAD $654.99
  • Kit 18 All-in-One Cloth Diaper - Omaiki

    A 18 one size Omaiki all-in-ö cloth diaper kit, that fits a baby from 8 to 35 pounds. This kit includes: 18 Omaiki All-in-Ö diapers - plain colors (patterns are available with an extra) 100 liners 1 wet bag diaper 1litre of Omaiki laundry detergent Did you know that you can create your own custom diaper kit? When you buy 12 diapers or more, we offer you a...

    CAD $579.99
  • Cloth Diaper Cover - La Petite Ourse

    Versatile, this cover will meet all your needs! Use this diaper cover with your favorite inserts. (not included) or with a cloth diaper for the night One size: 10-35 lb Cover: 100% polyester

    CAD $11.99
Showing 1 - 12 of 28 items