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La Looma

Cloth Diapers

Who said that it was possible to transform “unpleasant routine” into “environmental gesture”? We! Consult our inventory of reusable and washable diapers, as well as their respective accessories, and become superhero parents of the environment!

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  • Omaiki Cloth Diaper Cover One Size - Omaiki

    A great diaper cover by Omaiki that can be used from birth until toilet training : this is an economic solution to get the best use of the night time cloth diapers, or any fitted diaper. Made from water proof PUL, it is ideal for fitted diapers, such as sleep diaper. From 8 to 35 lbs Made in Quebec

    CAD $22.99
  • Bamboo Inserts (Set of 3) - La Looma

    Set of 3 bamboo inserts by La Looma is composed of two layers of 70% bamboo and 30% certified organic cotton. The bamboo fiber is produced in a closed loop system that recycles water and chemicals in a sustainable manner. You can trust these products that are manufactured to an approach based on ethics and sustainability. For use in a diaper cover or a...

    CAD $14.99
  • Washable Pocket Diaper - La Petite Ourse

    The La Petite Ourse pocket diaper is the diaper for every day. It is practical with its four rows of snap buttons in the front that allow a perfect fit and 2 openings for easy insert placement and washing. In addition, this type of diaper includes 2 bamboo inserts that can absorb up to 4.5 ounces of liquid. Suitable for children from 10 to 35lbs Materials...

    CAD $17.99
  • Washable All-In-1 cloth Diaper - La Petite...

    La Petite Ourse All-In-One cloth diaper has a soft and comfortable interior, perfect for your baby. It is practical with its four rows of snap buttons in the front for a perfect fit and an opening in the back to insert an extra insert if needed (not included).Suitable for children from 10 to 35lbs Interior lining made of 1 layer of microfiber and 3...

    CAD $17.99
  • Cloth Diaper Cover - La Petite Ourse

    Versatile, this cover will meet all your needs!Use this diaper cover with your favorite inserts. (not included) or with a cloth diaper for the nightOne size: 10-35 lbCover: 100% polyester 

    CAD $13.99
  • Bag for Soiled Cloth Diapers Pail - AMP

    This pail liner from AMP allows you to store your soiled diapers in the diaper pail, waiting to be washed. No need to wash your pail each time ! It is particularly useful to transport diapers to the washing machine all at once.It is made of PUL, the same material used to waterproof cloth diapers.With the elastic on the top opening, the bag fits any type...

    CAD $19.99
  • Washable New Born diapers - La Petite Ourse

    All-in-one newborn cloth diapers will please your little one. These washable cloth diapers are designed for babies weighing from 7lb to 10lb. They also have snaps for maximum fit and a center button at the belly button and can absorb up to 10oz.Double gusseted for superior leakage protection.Each newborn diaper comes with 1 booster (2 layers of...

    CAD $15.99
  • Microfleece Liner - Individual

    Keeps baby's bottom dry inside the diaper. Can also replace disposable liners. Sold individually.

    CAD $0.99
  • Swim Cloth Diaper H2O- Omaiki

    At last, a perfect bathing suit for babies in an adorable style. They combine the look and the reliability of the Omaïki H2O bathing suits with the added protection of an interior lining which helps to prevent little accidents in the swimming pool. Bathing suits come with side snap buttons, which make it easy to remove the bathing suits without mess. One...

    CAD $27.99
  • Disinfectant and sanitizer 1L - Omaiki

    Omaïki by Pure's ultra-concentrated cleaner will be your best friend! It safely sanitizess both cloth diapers and toy surfaces. It is also ideal for optimizing the washing of sportswear and bath towels in the normal cycle.Excellent ecological bleach Perfect for cloth diaper care Dye and fragrance free Peroxide based, which eliminates and kills...

    CAD $14.99
  • Cloth Diaper Custom Kit - La Looma

    Choose your cloth diapers yourself, mix them and make up your kit. When you buy 12 cloth diapers or more, get 10% off . The discount will be applied once your order has been received Don't hesitate to contact us for any help/questions

    CAD $0.00
  • Sodium Carbonate (Soda Ash) - Osmose

    Soda Ash, also known as sodium carbonate, soften water and reinforce the effectiveness of household or body care products. You can use soda ash for its descaling, anti-limescale, cleaning, stain and grease removal properties in all sorts of ways. To thoroughly clean cloth diapers, mix 20 liters of hot water with 250ml of soda crystals and a few drops of...

    CAD $7.99
Showing 1 - 12 of 56 items