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  • This unique genuine Baltic Amber from Avelanna baby necklace is hand polished with care to ensure the best comfort ever. Round Amber beads hand strung and knotted on a braided silk thread. This natural analgesic will calm your baby without resorting to drugs.

    CAD $20.00 CAD $32.99
  • Bellaband is a carefully constructed essential designed to hold up unbuttoned waistbands, loose maternity wear and garments that slip down around a late-pregnancy belly. It features a stay-put silicone strip for more hold and added length for extra coverage. The Bellaband facilitates the transition between your regular and maternity pants. You can also...

    CAD $28.49 CAD $37.99 -25%
  • Probiotics on sale due to their close expiration date (2019/02) These high quality probiotics, consumed daily, will have a beneficial effect on your intestinal health, while improving your general health. While the list of harmful environmental factors for your intestinal ecosystem continues to lengthen, regular intake of these microorganisms friends is...

    CAD $27.59 CAD $45.99 -40%
  • The Bumgenius microfiber insert is made of 100% polyester suede, which allows your baby to stay dry.This insert is ideal for the night, it absorbs moisture very well.You can fold the extra length if the layer is used for a newborn baby or small one.Can also be used for other pocket cloth diapers.

    CAD $3.59 CAD $5.99 -40%
  • 8 to 99 years old 2 + players Awale is one of the oldest strategy games, originally played in Africa with a hollowed wood plank and some seeds or stones. The aim of the game is to be the player with the most seeds.  Djeco have reinvented the game with wit and playfulness. A dog replaces the wood plank while fleas represent the seeds! Aim of the game:...

    CAD $15.59 CAD $25.99 -40%
  • Spend magical and inventive evenings with your children of all ages with Moulin Roty's Nightime Tales Theatre Storybook Lamp Box! The storybook lamps project images on the ceiling, making you live great adventures at the whim of the imagination with your whole family! A magical moment that your children will remember for a long time The shadows of a fox,...

    CAD $44.99
  • Only available in french La Beauté, c'est un magnifique recueil. Beaucoup d'informations, de trucs, de rituels et de recettes, le tout dans un seul but: resplendir! Resplendir d'énergie, d'enthousiasme, de puissance, d'harmonie. Un livre complet qui rassemble la sagesse de Jacynthe René, oui, mais aussi du phramacien Jean-Yves Dionne, de Céline Arsenault,...

    CAD $25.00 CAD $34.95
  • A very simple, first dice game for young players. To win, you need to roll a combination of animals using 4 dice and 3 throws. Age: 4 to 10 years old Number of players: 2 to 6 Duration of a game: 15 minutes

    CAD $10.00 CAD $14.99
  • This multi-purpose cleaner from Pure Total Fabrication will leave you speechless!It cleans windows, mirrors, leather, wood and walls, leaving behind a shiny surface and no unwanted trace. Suitable for hard wood floors. The product is also suitable for surfaces which require neutral pH. Do not worry for your floor because the product will rid it of his...

    CAD $12.00 CAD $14.99
  • Introduce your child to the joy of sewing with Avenue Mandarine's Little Couz'in creative box! Three colorful fluffy toys will come to life, thanks to the young fashion designer. Materials, colors, and designs will come together with the quality tools included in Avenue Mandarine's creative box. Age: 6 to 10 years old Contains: 3 pre-holed felt pieces 3...

    CAD $25.00 CAD $49.99 -50%
  • Avenue Mandarine has created educational game boxes that contain four different games to amuse and stimulate your child for hours!Playful, educational and colorful, the Educ 'Avenue Farm Box contains four games to develop your child's skills.The memory game develops your child's memory with their lovely 7 cm wide flower shape pieces and his funny colorful...

    CAD $14.00 CAD $22.99
  • With its turnable, clicking knobs, fridge with shelf, oven with window, water tap and sink, the White Gourmet Kitchen has everything you need to prepare a delicious meal. Size: 56 x 70 x 33 cm Age: 3 years old +

    CAD $169.99
Showing 1 - 12 of 23 items