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  • Chimes contain no artificial flavors, preservatives or colorings, and present at most five natural ingredients.Small ginger chews, sweetened with real cane sugar and real Java ginger.Made from pure ginger extract, these with a high flavor sweets will please you!Enjoy the medicinal properties of ginger extract, perfect to help relieve aches such as morning...

  • The chimes have been made for three generations! They are ginger candies made in the traditional stone-grinding technique that extract genuine ginger essence. With only natural ingredients like ginger, tapioca starch and cane sugar they are perfect to fight different symptoms or sickness. Aids Women’s Wellness: a.      During morning sickness b....

  • This delicious raw wild flowers honey melts in your mouth, while its warm aromas and sweet caramelized notes and candied fruits melt your heart.Its beautiful amber color and moderately full-bodied taste has an extraordinary aromatic richness, very different from the "standart" commercial honeys.Its dominant flowers, the goldenrod and the buckwheat, burst...

    CAD $9.99
  • Get your own Gutsy glass bottle and fill it with the desired volume of Gutsy kombucha! It is possible to indicate the flavor contained in the bottle by marking the boxes conceived for that exact purpose. The bottle can contain up to a litre of kombucha.*No kombucha is included when buying this item alone*

    CAD $1.99
  • Available only in store and point de chute, not available for mailings.You'll love Gutsy's  kombucha, this slightly sweet, slightly sparkling, yet healthy and delicious fermented cold tea!The probiotics it contains are excellent for health. The kombucha promotes weight loss, helps digestion, detoxifies the body and stimulates the immune system.In short,...

    CAD $8.99
  • This delicious automn honey melts in your mouth, while its aromas of vanilla and its sweet fruity notes melt your heart.Its beautiful golden color and delicate taste have an extraordinary aromatic richness, very different from the "standart" commercial honeys.Its dominant flowers, the goldenrod and the aster, burst deliciously while the eupatorium, its...

    CAD $12.99
  • Use coconut oil for skin and hair care, for making homemade care products and for cooking! This do-it-all vegetable oil is known for its hydrating, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, smoothing and healing properties. Cold pressed Virgin Organic Sold in a Mason jar Quantity: 900 mL Discover also the coconut oil sold in 900 mL Mason jars.

    CAD $19.99
Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items